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Every Soccer Player

  • Includes the most important technique never taught
  • This book will improve your player's game forever
  • Instantly applies to games and training

What's Inside

  • Practical Examples: The book includes powerful examples that will resonate with your player and teams.
  • Free training videos: Included are free training sessions that are 100% follow-along and easy to follow.
  • Proven results: Players who implement these lessons in their training keep possession longer, build confidence and score more goals.
"It's more than a book, it changed my son's game"
Jennie, AZ
"I wish I read this book 10 years ago when I first started coaching"
Tony, WI

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"This book is mandatory reading for my entire coaching staff"
Marcus, SportHQ
Brilliant....I played soccer all my life and never knew this.....Thank You!
Kevin, London England