150 Sessions | All Skill Levels | 100% Follow-along


Our program removes the guesswork and frustration from juggling practice. We do this by starting at the very beginning, slowly increasing difficulty, and keeping each video short.


It’s designed to give you over 1,000 quality aerial touches in less than 10 minutes using both feet and all parts of the body.  Follow our step-by-step program of over 150 aerial control sessions to improve first touch, juggling, balance, and coordination.


Every essential juggling drill is covered during this series.  It even includes a dedicated partner-toss series working on receiving from the air.

The Program Challenges You To:

  • Control the ball with both feet.
  • Control the ball with all parts of your body.
  • Travel with the ball.
  • Use balls of different sizes.
  • Beat your juggling record.