Lesson Objectives

  1. What is tight space dribbling?
  2. What are the benefits?
  3. Anytime Soccer Training Tight Space Dribbling.
  4. Preview the Figure 8 Dribbling drills.



What is Tight Space Dribbling?

Tight space dribbling refers to the technique of maneuvering the ball through small or constricted areas on the field, such as when surrounded by multiple defenders.


It requires good ball control and quick footwork to navigate through tight spaces and maintain possession of the ball.


Tight-space dribbling drills incorporate turns, dribbling, and ball manipulation using all parts of both feet.


Below is an example of an exercise in Anytime Soccer Training’s Five Star Tight Control Dribbling series.



Benefits of Tight Space Dribbling

Tight space dribbling can help improve a soccer player’s ball control, agility, and ability to maneuver in small areas. It can also make it more difficult for defenders to take the ball from the player, as they have less space to work with.


Additionally, tight space dribbling can help players create space for themselves and their teammates in crowded areas of the field.


Read the article Why You Must Practice Tight Space Dribbling to learn more.


Tight Space Dribbling Series

Anytime Soccer Training’s tight space dribbling program has over 500 tight space dribbling sessions that cover all aspects of tight space dribbling.


All you need to get started are two to five cones and a tiny bit of space. You can perform these drills in the home, the garage, or on the field.



Below is a list of the tight space dribbling sessions included in Anytime Soccer Training.


  1. Figure 8 Dribbling
  2. Tight Dribbling
  3. Tight Box Dribbling
  4. Five Star Dribbling
  5. Body Feints & Dribbling
  6. Three Cone Dribbling


Figure 8 Dribbling

Figure 8 dribbling drills improve ball control and footwork. The drill involves dribbling in the shape of a figure 8 around cones or markers.


The drills require you to move the ball in between the cones, switching the direction of the dribbling and using different parts of your foot to keep the ball under control.  This drill can help players improve their ability to change direction quickly and smoothly, as well as their ball control in tight spaces.


The Anytime Soccer Training Figure 8 Dribbling program is an essential series of drills that every player should do.  It’s a perfect place to start because it goes from beginner to advanced and ties nicely with the ball mastery drills practiced during the 1,000 Touch Ball Mastery series.


The below video demonstrates how we incorporate the La Croqueta ball mastery move with Figure 8 dribbling.



Now that you are familiar with the Tight Space Dribbling series, next week you will get started with the Figure 8 and Tight Space dribbling series.


Good luck.