Over 50 Sessions | Both Feet Aerial Control | 100% Follow-along.


Partner toss aerial control drills are excellent drills for improving aerial control, first touch, balance, coordination, and finishing technique. Anytime Soccer Training has removed the guesswork by providing the most comprehensive series of partner toss aerial control drills in the world.


Part of the Partner Drills Series, the partner toss aerial control program goes from beginner to advance focusing on developing superior aerial touch using both feet and all surface areas.



Below is a select video from the series. Notice the following benefits:


  • It includes only one move – Focusing on one move at a time ensures that the player masters each move before moving on. Later videos combine all the moves previously practiced.
  • It’s short –   Short videos help children stay engaged and stick with the program long-term.
  • Clear demonstration and verbal instructions – Players can follow the session independently.
  • Starts with the basics – Players need to experience early wins and not waste time constantly chasing the ball around the yard.

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