In this blog post, my son Adam and I go down memory lane to talk about the motivation for starting Anytime Soccer Training.  Below is the Youtube video we mentioned above.


I spent the 10,000 hours on Youtube so that you don’t have to.


I love this video and the quality of the content. However, there are other features that parents need in order to train their children more effectively at home.  Anytime Soccer Training is the program I wish I had ten years ago:


  • Each series starts with foundational moves and becomes progressively harder with advanced skills.
  • All videos are 100% follow-along.
  • All videos include slow-motion demonstrations and clear verbal instructions.
  • Every move has a dedicated video with plenty of reps.
  • There is a dedicated video for each foot – helping raise two-footed players.
  • Includes interval timer with frequent rest periods.
  • All videos are relatively short (between five and ten minutes) – so that your children stick with it
  • The program includes over 101 fun skill-based soccer games that your kids will love.



I love this, but my sons and the kids that I train can’t follow it.



Now try this and join for free to try the entire series.

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