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Soccer “Training” Starts at Home

April 30, 2022
Anytime Soccer
Anytime Soccer
Soccer "Training" Starts at Home

Hey there, I’m Neil Crawford, a soccer dad and the founder of Anytime Soccer Training. When I first started training my two sons in soccer, I faced a difficult dilemma. How do I help them reach their full potential in the sport while keeping things fun and avoiding the risk of burnout?


I knew that if I trained them myself, they would improve, but I was worried about pushing them too hard and causing them to burn out. And if I just played with them, would they ever master the skills they needed to excel in soccer? I also considered hiring private trainers, but that was expensive and would take away from the quality time I wanted to spend with my sons.


I was torn – should I wait until they’re older and show an interest in soccer? But then wouldn’t we be missing out on the valuable opportunity to start early? And why did I even want them to excel in competitive soccer?


I searched for resources to help me navigate this challenge, but I found nothing specifically tailored to parents like myself who train their kids like. The only information I found was a list of common risk factors and stories of overzealous parents who went too far.


So, I decided to create my own resource for parents like me. That’s how the Anytime Soccer Training Parent-Trainer Podcast Series was born.


Through this podcast, I share my own experiences and insights as a parent who trains his own children. I discuss practical and actionable tips to help other parent trainers avoid common mistakes and help their children reach their full potential in soccer.


I’m not afraid to share candidly what my sons and I do on and off the pitch, and I welcome feedback and criticism from the Anytime Soccer Training Facebook Group.


As a parent-trainer, I believe that individuals must take ownership of their own development, but children also need help from their parents until they reach an age of self-actualization. I know that deliberate practice is a necessary component of mastery, and I’m unwilling to outsource 100% of my child’s development in soccer or anything else. I’m also introspective, recognizing the need to strike the right balance between training and fun.


If you’re a parent-trainer like me, or just curious about this topic, I invite you to tune in each week to the Anytime Soccer Training Parent-Trainer Podcast Series. Let’s navigate this complex world of soccer parenting and coaching together.