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Kicking it in Germany: A Look into Youth Soccer in Kaiserslautern with Tony Rocha

April 15, 2022
Anytime Soccer
Anytime Soccer
Kicking it in Germany: A Look into Youth Soccer in Kaiserslautern with Tony Rocha

Welcome to our latest episode where we talk about youth soccer in Germany with our special guest Tony Rocha, an American military member based in Kaiserslautern Germany.


Tony Rocha shares his personal experience of being a parent with two sons playing youth soccer in Germany. He talks about the different levels of soccer clubs available in Germany, from recreational teams to competitive clubs. He also highlights the importance of having a good coach and team environment in helping young players develop their skills.


We dive deeper into the structure and organization of youth soccer in Germany. Tony talks about the German Football Association and the role it plays in regulating youth soccer. He also discusses the different levels of competition and how teams are organized by age and skill level. Tony shares his insights on the training methods used in Germany, including the emphasis on individual skill development and the use of small-sided games to improve player decision-making.


Tony discusses the cultural differences he’s noticed between youth soccer in Germany and the United States. He shares his thoughts on the importance of physical fitness and conditioning in German youth soccer, as well as the emphasis on technical skills over physical attributes. He also talks about the focus on team play and how it’s fostered through a strong team culture.


We wrap up the episode by thanking Tony for sharing his insights into youth soccer in Germany. It’s clear that the German approach to youth soccer emphasizes technical skill development, individual and team play, and a strong team culture. It’s a system that has produced some of the world’s top soccer players, and one that could serve as a model for youth soccer development around the globe. We hope you enjoyed this episode and look forward to bringing you more exciting interviews in the future.


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