Having great ball control is extremely important for any soccer player. But still, most players don’t train this skill individually.


My name is Neil Crawford, the founder of Anytime Soccer Training. In this post, I want to help you overcome some of the most popular challenges that prevent players from improving.



Challenge #1 – Players and Parents Don’t Know How to Start

Getting started is easy with Anytime Soccer Training.  The 1,000 Touch Ball Mastery Series begins with 100% follow-along foundation sessions that are perfect for beginners and still challenge experienced players.


Try the below training session at home.




Challenge #2 – Parents & Players Think it Must Take Hours and Hours to Improve

You can get better in less than five minutes.  That’s why most of the videos in Anytime Soccer Training are less than five minutes.


You can always do more, but it’s important that you never feel overwhelmed.  It’s far more important to be consistent than doing a lot on any given day.


Try the below training session at home.



Challenge #3 – Parents & Players Don’t Have a Plan


Would you go to the gym and do random exercises?


As a soccer dad and recreational coach, I created Anytime Soccer Training to remove the guesswork from in-home soccer training.


The program needed to be fun, effective, and engaging. That’s why Anytime Soccer Training is the only program with over 1,000 step-by-step training videos and 101 fun skill-based soccer games. It also tracks your progress so that you are never lost.


Watch the below demo to see how it works.




What We Can’t Fix

As you can see, we can give you the plan, we can give you the follow-along content and we can even make the videos less than five minutes.  It’s up to you however to bring the commitment and dedication.

Use the program three days per week consistently and your skills will improve dramatically.


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