There are several myths surrounding individual soccer training which add unnecessary barriers to the most crucial part of player development – in-home individual training.


Our goal is to debunk some of the common myths while also providing helpful resources to help you get started today.



Myth #1 – Only experts can help a player improve


I have a simple question for any parent nervous about helping their child improve.


Can you play tag and defense?


If the answer is yes – then you are overqualified for the job.  Try this fun tag and 1v1 game today.


Soccer Tagging & 1v1 Battle


Myth #2 – A lot of space is needed


Most ball mastery and even dribbling drills can be done in tight spaces.  As a matter of fact, small spaces encourage more control.  Try this ball mastery video in the living room, garage, or backyard.


1,000 Touch Ball Mastery


Myth #3 – You need a lot of equipment


I have another question for you.


Do you have a ball and two cones or other objects?


If the answer is yes – then you have more than enough equipment.  Try this Two-Cone Ball Mastery video today.


Two Cone Ball Mastery


Myth #4 – It can’t be fun


Kids LOVE racing, chasing, tagging, and playing 1v1.  These games are fun and will improve your child’s skills.  Try this 1v1 game with your child today.


1v1 Battle Game


Myth #5 – There are no 100% follow-along plug-and-play turnkey programs that go from beginner to advanced 


Before Anytime Soccer Training this myth was true.  I tried so many programs but none were comprehensive, step-by-step, 100% follow-along, and fun.


Anytime Soccer Training is the ultimate one-stop, plug-and-play, in-home training solution for all ages and abilities.  Covering all the major soccer areas, the program has over 1,000 training videos and over 101 fun soccer games.  And if that wasn’t enough, the program also includes hundreds of skills challenges.


What are you waiting for?  Take the juggling challenge today!


Two-Footed Juggling Challenge