Top Soccer Drills for 10-Year-Olds: Improve Your Child's Skills with Anytime Soccer Training

As a parent or coach of a 10-year-old soccer player, you’re probably looking for ways to help your child improve their skills on the field. This is an important time in their development, as many players playing club soccer transition into classic and pre-academy programs that are more competitive.


By mastering fundamental skills and conditioning exercises, young players can gain the confidence and experience they need to thrive in a more competitive environment.


In this article, we will explore some of the top soccer drills for 10-year-olds and how you can use them to help your child develop their soccer skills. We’ll also discuss soccer-specific conditioning exercises that can help your child prepare for the next level.


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Incorporate Ball Mastery & Dribbling

Some effective soccer drills for 10-year-olds include passing and receiving drills, shooting drills, and dribbling drills. Ideally, you want to combine several exercises into the same drill.


For example, a “four-cone ball mastery and dribbling drill” can help improve dribbling skills by setting up four cones in a square and having players dribble around them in different patterns.


Tight-control dribbling drills are an excellent way to help your child get loads of touches while manipulating the ball with all parts of their feet.



Another effective drill is the “shooting gate” drill, where players shoot at a goal through a designated gate. By incorporating these and other drills into regular practice, you can help your child develop their skills and confidence on the field.



Best Technical Soccer Drills for 10-Year-Olds

Technical development is crucial at this age. Follow-along videos like those offered by Anytime Soccer Training can help players develop the proper technique.


To keep things interesting, try introducing competitive drills like “Fox and Rabbits”. This fun game can be modified to practice footwork, turns, and ball control.


Try this five-minute ball mastery session before your next practice.



By incorporating these drills into practice, players can develop strong fundamentals and have fun on the field.


Coaching Tips for 9-10 Year Old Soccer Players

When coaching 9-10-year-old soccer players, it’s important to emphasize teamwork and encourage positive reinforcement. Effective coaching techniques include breaking down skills into manageable parts, providing clear instructions, and using games and drills to make practice more engaging.



For example, the “keep-away” game can help young players learn passing and receiving skills in a fun and competitive environment. By using these coaching tips, you can help your child develop a love for the game and improve their skills over time.


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Making Soccer Practice Fun for Your Child

To keep soccer practice fun and engaging for your child, it’s important to mix up drills and incorporate game-like activities. For example, the “king/queen of the ring” drill can help improve dribbling skills by having players compete against each other to see who can keep possession of the ball the longest.



Another fun activity is the “treasure hunt” drill, where players search for hidden objects while dribbling a ball. By making soccer practice enjoyable and exciting, you can help your child stay motivated and engaged in the sport.


Conditioning Your 9-Year-Old for Soccer

Physical fitness and conditioning are also important for young soccer players. Exercises and drills that can improve a 9-year-old’s speed, agility, and endurance include ladder drills, cone drills, and resistance band exercises.


For example, the “ladder shuffle” drill can help improve footwork and agility by having players move laterally through a ladder placed on the ground.


Play Longer with Dynamic Soccer Warmups


By incorporating these and other conditioning exercises into practice, you can help your child develop the stamina and strength needed to perform well on the field.


Freestyle Dribbling with Landmine Cones

Freestyle dribbling is a fun and creative way for 10-year-olds to improve their ball control and coordination. One example is the “Landmine of Cones” drill, where players must dribble through a maze of cones set up like a landmine. This drill challenges players to maintain control while weaving in and out of the cones and can be modified by adding more cones or increasing the distance between them.



Anytime Soccer Training offers hundreds of freestyle dribbling drills and many others that can help your child take their freestyle dribbling to the next level. With regular practice and the right resources, your 10-year-old can become a confident and skilled soccer player on the field.


Wrapping Up

To help your 10-year-old improve their soccer skills, focus on regular practice, positive reinforcement, and engaging activities. Consider incorporating competitive drills like “Fox and Rabbits” to keep things interesting and help players practice their footwork, turns, and ball control.


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And for even more support and guidance, resources like Anytime Soccer Training can provide valuable follow-along videos to enhance their technical development. With these strategies in place, your child can reach their full potential on the field and enjoy the game even more.