The world of European football is being rocked with the controversy surrounding a potentially new European Super League.


The premier league big six (Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Manchester City) have signed up to the breakaway plan and will be joined by six more teams – three from Italy (AC Milan, Inter and Juventus) and three from Spain (Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid).


UEFA the English Premier League and others, however, have joined forces to derail the cynical project vowing to stop it from happening.


We “condemn any proposal that attacks the principles of open competition and sporting merit” – EPL Officials


Clubs face a potential ban from domestic and international competitions if they set up a rival to the Champions League – UEFA Officials


What exactly is European Super League?

The European Super League is a planned annual club football competition to be contested by an exclusive group of top European football clubs. It is planned to rival or replace the UEFA Champions League.  After long speculation about the formation of a “European Super League”, the competition was established by twelve clubs in April 2021, with three more anticipated to join.


These fifteen “founding clubs” are permanent participants in the competition, of which they will govern. An additional five teams will be able to qualify annually for the competition based on their performance in the previous season. According to the organization, the competition will commence “as soon as practicable” with talks of it commencing before or during August 2021.


Closing Thoughts

I lived in London for over a decade. The English football pyramid, the culture, and the passion of the local fans are what made me fall in love with football.  This appears to be an American-style corporatist takeover of the beautiful game.  Ironically, I think this league would destroy club value and brands – not increase them.


I just don’t see this happening.  I hope the public outcry is enough to derail this money grab forever.


Let me know what you think.



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