Today I am sharing a post written by a friend and veteran soccer dad Buford Mobley.  Buford is also the founder of The Soccer Parent Lifestyle product apparel online store and the Soccer Parent Lifestyle Facebook Group.




10 Things You WILL Do As A Soccer Parent (At least once)

1. You WILL live next to or directly across the street from that OCD neighbor that cuts their grass three times a week and gives you the side-eye because you have knee-high grass with 5 soccer balls in your front yard and occasionally 1 in theirs. If not, you’re THAT neighbor!

2. You WILL go to a sporting goods store in a distant town to buy emergency shin guards or cleats!


3. You WILL once in your life hope your kid’s team loses so you don’t have to make that long Sunday night drive!


4. You WILL act disappointed in front of your kid when their game is canceled due to weather, then do a silent happy dance as soon as they leave the room!


5. You WILL make big plans for the long break between tournament games, only to go back to the hotel to change clothes, and immediately crash, and almost oversleep the 2nd game!


6. You WILL drive your kid to the wrong field for practice or a game!


7. You WILL embarrass your kid around their teammates, knowingly or unknowingly.


8. You WILL yell at the ref, or your kid’s coach, or your kid, even if you mutter it under your breath!


9. You WILL sit out in a Biblical rainstorm, only to watch your kid’s team get destroyed!


10. You WILL do these things and more because you love your kids, and it’s all a part of the Soccer Parent Lifestyle!



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