From evaluating players, drafting teams, creating practice plans, running practices, and providing player feedback, soccer coaches have a heavy list of tasks on their plate.


We have rounded up the 7 best soccer coaching apps that are readily available to download on any iOS or Android device.


While these apps won’t replace the invaluable components of a coach — such as knowledge, leadership, and passion — they will certainly alleviate some of the daily responsibilities that coaches encounter.


1. SkillShark



SkillShark is a soccer evaluation app started by a coach who wanted to improve the pen-and-paper evaluation process. Coaches & evaluators can score players right from their mobile devices, saving an average of 30-50 hours per event.


Additionally, player reports are instantly accessible in one centralized location upon evaluation. Swiftly view player rankings and compare athletes to efficiently draft teams and identify top players.


Cost: Free trial available. Plans start at $5/player annually.
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2. CoachBetter


CoachBetter pools team management, performance tracking, and educational resources into one powerful soccer coaching app.

7 Best Training Apps

Coaches can plan training sessions ahead of time by choosing from a library of over 700+ activities and share those training plans with players directly in the app.


If player insights are at the top of your list, keep track of player performance, attendance, and injuries.


Cost: Free trial available. Plans start at $199/year.
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3. Soccer Xpert


Set your team up for success with Soccer Xpert. Scroll through a library of 200+ soccer drills, which can then be added to your customized practice plan.


Take it up a notch by adding notes with your coaching points and variations to your newly created practice plan.

Soccer Training Homework

Keep track of your soccer drill research with pinned favorites and recently viewed drills, so you always know what you have already checked out.


Cost: Flex Plan $3.99/month (billed monthly). Best value plan $2.49/month (billed annually).
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4. Sport Easy



Save time on administrative & coaching tasks with Sport Easy. Manage your tournament schedule, streamline internal communication, and access game stats all in one centralized location.


Coaches can access player statistics, from the number of points scored to games played, while also tracking game attendance to provide an overarching view of performance.


Cost: Free trial available. Premium package at $5.75/month
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5. Tactical Pad



Shift away from using your pen and paper to plan your coaching sessions. Tactical Pad’s powerful software enables you to create coaching sessions, drills, formations, and lineups.


Whether you’re distributing drills to your players or lineups to assistant coaches, all content created in Tactical Pad can be easily shared as an image, video, or PDF.

Cost: $63/year
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6. The Coaching Manual



Take soccer coaching to new heights with The Coaching Manual. Access industry-leading soccer drills and use the diagram creator to illustrate drills, making it easy for assistant coaches to follow along at practices!


Apart from the drill-focused features of the app, The Coaching Manual also offers Season Plans, enabling coaches to build out their season-long program.


Cost: Free trial offered. Standard package at $48/year and Premium Package at $84/year.
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7. Mojo

MOJO presents a game-changing platform for youth sports enthusiasts. With live streaming, scoring features, and an extensive training library, it caters to both players and coaches.


Offering personalized experiences for players and expert-curated coaching resources, MOJO is reshaping the landscape of youth sports engagement.


Cost: Free trial offered. Upgrades are $59.99/year
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Final Thoughts

These 7 soccer coaching apps aid coaches in providing a well-rounded training experience for players while minimizing mundane tasks that come with the day-to-day.


From illustrating drills, drawing formations, and evaluating players through powerful software, coaches can now shift more of their focus to what matters most: player development.