Soccer is more than just an activity to keep your kid fit and healthy. This is a game that is meant to be fun.  At Anytime Soccer Training, we want your children to love the sport as much as we do.


By playing an active role in your kid’s soccer training and progress, you can make the game more engaging and fun for the whole family. Here are four ways parents can make soccer training super fun.


#1 Tagging Games

These are simple warm-up drills based on the game of tag. Playing tag by itself is a great way to build endurance, but when applied to soccer, it is also a fun avenue to train defensive skills.


Having your kid be “it” puts them in a defensive position as they try to tag you by stealing the ball from you. Another variation of tagging games is cannonball. Instead of having the player trying to tag you with a traditional hand touch, this is a drill that practices the two-handed throw.


Tell your kid to try hitting you with a two-handed throw, as you try to avoid being tagged. These are fun, energetic soccer drills that give your child reps in areas of the sport that receive less attention.


Try this free soccer tagging game today!


#2 Chasing Games

On the flip side of tagging games are chasing games. This is a role reversal, in which you will be “it” and try to tag your kid. Having you and your child dribble a ball as they are chased gives them training that is comparable to real-game experience.


This teaches them live-action dribbling techniques to prepare them for match situations where they will be chased by defenders.


Try this free soccer chasing game today!


#3 Racing Games

Racing games are fairly self-explanatory — you race each other. The twist on this is that it is another dribbling drill. Race your child while you both dribble a soccer ball, to add stakes to practicing the skill. Adding the satisfaction of possibly beating a parent in a race will make soccer more fun for your player.


On top of this, racing games teach your player how to effectively dribble while maintaining speed.


#4 1-vs-1

The last practice game you can add to your child’s soccer training is playing them head-to-head. You can switch positions between goalie and ball-handler, but the enjoyment remains the same. Like racing games, playing 1-on-1 gives your player the opportunity to defeat someone bigger than them, which is a fun accomplishment.


These games emulate real matches, and put together offensive training elements so your kid can shoot from new angles and test fakes on goalies.


Keep your child progressing as a player with these soccer training routines. Maintaining soccer as a fun activity is crucial to your kid’s well-being.




This sport shouldn’t be stressful; it’s a game. For more ways to make soccer a sport, your kid can excel in and have fun with, try Anytime Soccer Training and join our community.