Soccer isn’t just about keeping your kids fit; it’s about having a blast on the field. Here at Anytime Soccer Training, we not only want your players to become better players but also fall in love with the game!


Parents, you play a crucial role in turning soccer training into a total family blast.


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#1. Tagging Games for the Win!

Start off with some lively warm-up drills inspired by good old tag. Turning tag into a soccer adventure is not only a fantastic way to build endurance but also a super fun way to work on defensive skills.



Make your child the tagger, challenging them to steal the ball from you. Spice it up with variations like the cannonball drill, using a two-handed throw – it’s a blast and helps your child practice skills that often get overlooked.


#2. High-Energy Chasing Games

Switch roles and become the chaser in these games. Dribbling a ball while being chased isn’t just exhilarating; it mimics real-game situations, teaching your child some slick dribbling techniques for those intense match moments.



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#3. Thrilling Racing Games

Who doesn’t love a good race? Make it even more exciting by incorporating dribbling challenges. Racing while dribbling adds a dash of competition to skill practice, and the sheer joy of possibly beating a parent in a race makes soccer way more fun.




#4. Epic 1-vs-1 Showdowns

Take your child’s soccer training to the next level with head-to-head matches. Switch between goalie and ball-handler roles to keep things interesting.


7 Day Ball Mastery Challenge


Just like in racing games, the thrill of overcoming someone bigger is a fantastic confidence booster. These matches replicate real-game scenarios, allowing your child to experiment with new moves and angles.


Parting Thoughts

Keep the fun alive and your child progressing with these engaging soccer training routines. Remember, soccer is meant to be enjoyable, not stressful, for your little one’s well-being.


Join our Anytime Soccer Training community for more ways to make soccer a sport where your child excels and has an absolute blast. Let’s make soccer a family affair to remember!