What’s Included

This session includes six essential ball mastery drills that you can do anywhere to improve your close control dribbling, ball control & foot speed.  The moves include:


  • Inside-Outside Using Both Feet
  • Toe Pull with an Outside Foot Take
  • Cruyff with Two Touches & Outside Foot Take
  • Tick Toc – Sole Roll
  • La Croqueta
  • V-Pull – Inside Foot Take


How Much?

The video is only five minutes and includes a 10-second break after each 30-second exercise.  It also includes a 30 second rest period midway through the session.


This workout allows you to get over 500 touches in less than four minutes!


Therefore, you should practice at least three times per week.  Since the video is short, this is a great warm-up to do before practice and games.


Each one of these moves replicates the same realistic movements that you must execute to evade defenders. With practice, you’ll be able to execute these movements in games without even thinking.


Why Is This Important?

  • These drills are important because maintaining possession involves keeping the ball close, changing direction, and changing speed.


  • Players such as Messi, Isco, Hazard, and many top-level dribblers mastered all aspects of dribbling by playing a lot and doing similar ball mastery practice.


  • With these six ball mastery drills, you can take your dribbling to a higher level and improve your performance on the pitch.


100% Follow-along and No Fluff

You get better by doing. That’s why all of 1,000 Anytime Soccer Training videos are 100% follow-along and include no fluff. Just hit play and start training.


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