The Anytime Soccer Training 1,000 Touch Ball Mastery series has over 500 ball mastery sessions including the Inside & Outside drill.


The Inside & Outside foot drill is an essential skill that pays huge dividends during games.


Great players master this technique stationary, dribbling, and in tight spaces.

The focus is on using the inside and outside of your foot as you explode from side to side.  You want to get quick touches while keeping the knees slightly bent and maintaining a low center of gravity.


While this is an excellent dribbling drill, players should also be able to perform it moving side to side only.


Once the players become proficient, the program challenges them to use the move against opposition and with several variations.


The Anytime Soccer Training program encourages players to practice this skill across a wide variety of soccer areas including dribbling, 1v1, passing, and ball mastery to name a few.


Inside & Outside Foot Variations