The Anytime Soccer Training 1,000 Touch Ball Mastery series has over 500 ball mastery sessions.  The first sessions start with Toe Taps.


Toe taps is a foundational soccer drill that helps players work on ball control, endurance and balance.


It also helps you develop your leg strength and core strength. Toe Taps are is a perfect drill for beginners and is also a great warm-up for experienced players.  That’s because it increases the heart rate quickly and requires virtually no space and no equipment.


When players first start soccer, they tend to move the ball too much during the drill and struggle to maintain balance.  Encourage them to stay light on their feet and barely tap the ball – trying to prevent it from moving.


Instruct them to “Pretend the ground is burning hot.”


With practice, they will get better.


The 1,000 Touch Ball Mastery series is the only program that includes dozens of toe tap variation drills and challenges that are 100% follow-along. This slow progression gives you unlimited practice time and enough reps to master the drill.


Dozen of Toe Tap Variations


Not game-like? This criticism is unfounded for three main reasons. As stated earlier, toe taps improve, balance and coordination. Also, they are a simple yet effective way to get the heart rate up in a short period of time.  Finally, toe taps are the precursor to more advanced moves such as the Maradona Spin Move.



Take the Anytime Soccer Training Toe Tap Challenge today and share your results on the Anytime Soccer Training Facebook Group.