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The V Pull Back move is an essential attacking move used to get away from defenders and change directions on the field.


This is a must-have technique for all midfielders and attacking players.

This is a great move when you’re trying to switch directions and escape from a defender or switch the field of play.  It’s also excellent for faking passes and moving in the opposite direction.


You want to make sure you get your foot on top of the ball and pull back quickly.  Then open your hypes and with bent knees – change direction quickly.


While this is an excellent ball mastery drill, players should be able to use it while dribbling, passing, and even finishing.


Once the players become proficient, the program challenges them to use the move against opposition and with several variations.


The Anytime Soccer Training program encourages players to practice this skill across a wide variety of soccer areas including dribbling, 1v1, passing, and ball mastery to name a few. Join for free and start practicing today!