Rebounder Sessions Added

Rebounder passing exercises are by far one of the best ways to improve your first touch and passing technique.


While dribbling is important, the vast majority of touches during games are spent passing and receiving.


Using Anytime Soccer Training’s Ball & Wall First Touch Rebounder Series in conjunction with the ball mastery and dribbling drills promotes creativity, experimentation, and greater technical ability.


With hundreds of drills, the program combines receiving, dribbling, and 1v1 moves.


But most importantly, you don’t need a coach, parent, or teammate to practice. Just a ball and a wall – that’s it!


That’s why the Anytime Soccer Training Ball & Wall First Touch Rebounder Series includes over 500 rebounder sessions.


This series includes all of the rebounder drills you see on Youtube giving your player every opportunity to get better with both legs and all surfaces of the feet.


There is also a specific series that focuses on aerial control and finishing.  Players who complete this series improve their first touch, aerial control, passing, and finishing.




Other key benefits include:


  • Hundreds of combinations with 1v1, passing and receiving
  • Combines quick change of direction with passing
  • Improves aerial control
  • Improves passing, turning, and finishing


Rebounder Suggestion

For a solid rebounder, check out the Pro Rebounder at Tekkers. We suggest it because it’s reliable and does the job well.


Tekkrs Rebounder


Visit the Tekkers’ website for exclusive offers.


Every essential rebounder passing drill is covered during this series.  Simply follow the over 500 step-by-step training sessions to develop the supreme first touch needed by all great soccer players.



Practical Tip

Two days per week after school, my sons do two rebounder videos.  The average video is less than five minutes.  They get hundreds of touches in a few short minutes following a simple routine.
Getting Started with Anytime

This adds up to hours and hours of extra touches per year.  On the weekends, we take a portable rebounder to the soccer field and incorporate finishing.  It’s great fun and my son’s first touch and ball striking improve.


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