In this post, we will answer some of your most common questions.


What is the difference between a Parent/Coach Account and Player Account?

When joining Anytime Soccer Training, everyone must create a parent account and then add at least one player.


All users (coaches, players, and parents) can only access the training content, teams, and other features via a player account.


Finally, coaches cannot create accounts for their players.  Coaches simply share the website and invite players to join their team(s).


You don’t have to memorize this. The program walks you through each step.


Defining Parent & Player Roles

All Anytime Soccer Training accounts have two roles; Parent and Player.


Parent Accounts Parent accounts serve as a single sign-on for multiple player accounts.  With the single sign-on, families can access each player’s account via the parent sign-in.  Users also manage their accounts (i.e. add players and update passwords) via the parent account.


Parent Dashboard (Provides Access to Your Players)



Player Accounts All users (even parents and coaches) access the videos, teams, and all soccer-related features via the player account.


Player Dashboard (Provides Access to Your Content & Features)

Can coaches create one account and add each player from their entire team?

No.  Each user has their own unique account that is not tied to the coaches’ or clubs’ accounts.  Among other things, this allows the user to continue and/or discontinue the service irrespective of the coach or club.


Coaches should share the Anytime Soccer Training website with their families and then invite them to join their respective teams.


How do coaches track how many videos and the time players spend practicing?

Coaches (and any user) can create teams. Once a player joins your team, you can see how much they trained weekly, monthly, annually, and all time.  You can also set team training goals.



But what if the coach has no kids? Do they still need a player account?

Yes.  All users, including coaches, access the videos, teams, and other soccer-related content via the player accounts.


Can the coach’s player account be excluded from team stats?

Yes, designating a user as “Managers Only” excludes its activity from all team results and goals.


How much does the coach have to pay for their player account?

It’s free for coaches.  Every team upgrade comes with one free member.  That member has all the rights of other players, but in many cases, the coach will designate that player as a Manager Only.


Can a coach offer free accounts to the team and let those who want to upgrade purchase for themselves?

Yes, this is one reason using Anytime Soccer Training is a no-brainer.  Coaches and players can join for free and create teams for free.  However, if the club chooses not to upgrade the team ($5 per player per year) the players can still upgrade themselves for only $10 per player per year when using a special discount code provided by the coach.


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