If we look at some of the best dribblers in the world; players like Messi, Iniesta, and Neymar



They all have the ability to dribble with speed and change direction quickly while maintaining total control of the ball in tight spaces near pressing defenders.



What is Tight Space Dribbling?

As the name implies, tight-space dribbling is the ability to move the ball within tight spaces at speed while maintaining control.  We like to think of it as ball mastery + dribbling.


Anytime Soccer Training tight-space dribbling drills incorporate turns, dribbling, and ball manipulation using both feet and all parts of the feet.



Unopposed cone drills are a proxy for the skills you will need when defenders are near.



Real Game Situations

Think about it, how often will you be on the ball in the game with no defenders near?  The answer is Never.


That’s why it’s important to incorporate tight-space dribbling drills in conjunction with any ball mastery sessions.



Tight Space dribbling drills force you to use light touches and quick movements while maintaining ball control.


Pro Tip: Change the distances between the cones based on your height and preference.


Other Benefits

Below are a few more benefits of tight-space dribbling training.


  1. #1 Players maintain ball control under pressure
  2. #2 Remain calm in games and practice
  3. #3 Quick speed on the ball and agility
  4. #4 Improved 1v1
  5. #5 Easy to practice at home with huge benefits



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