If your child wants to take on defenders and feel more confident they need to practice creativity in an environment where mistakes don’t matter…freestyle dribbling is one of the best ways to do that.


Great players and exceptional dribblers like Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Neymar, and Eden Hazard have the ability to change speed, direction with the ball and make decisions in a matter of seconds.


Explosive changes in speed, from slow to fast, allow offensive players to keep defenders off balance.


Freestyle dribbling is an important link between practice and games.  That’s why I am excited to announce the Anytime Soccer Training Freestyle Dribbling series.


Why Anytime Soccer Training?

We put everything you need in one place.  While you can easily think of a few freestyle dribbling drills, we have assembled a library of hundreds that add variety and follow a progression.


The progression introduces various game-like scenarios such as passing, dribbling away from pressure, and finishing. The program also has dedicated training videos that isolate each foot.


No longer do you have to constantly remind the player to use their weak foot.


Moreover, the timer, challenges, and music encourage players to have more fun and train longer. Join Anytime Soccer Training for free today and try the below drill.




More Reasons Why Freestyle Dribbling?

  • It’s fun

  • Promotes creativity

  • Game-like

  • Increases skill


More Coaching Points

  • Encourage players to stay in a low athletic stance.

  • Make sure players constantly glance up to see the whole field.

  • Players need to have a significant change of speed from the first dribble move to the second.

  • Challenge players to be creative with their soccer dribbling moves.

  • They should try to avoid doing two of the same moves in a row.

  • Practice changing from slow to fast to set the defender up.