Occasionally you will hear a parent or even a coach proclaim that juggling is not that important.


When you hear this, my advice is to run not walk away.


Aerial control is one of the most important skills that youth soccer players can develop.  In addition to improved first touch, aerial control increases coordination, balance, and finishing technique.


Most importantly, the inherit nature of juggling helps the player become two-footed.


Mastering the ball in the air doesn’t need to take hours and hours each day – it requires a consistent five to ten minutes (ideally) before and/or after practice.  The Anytime Soccer Training videos are concentrated so that the player gets thousands of touches in a short period of time.


Our program challenges the player to use both legs and all parts of the feet and body.  Starting with the basics your player will become advanced in no time.


The above video is from our advanced portion of the Two-footed Juggle Master SeriesWe recommend this series once the player has completed the majority of the 200 videos in the full series.


Below is one of the earlier videos in the complete series.  With over 200 videos, your player can start the program at their experience level.


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