This is a seminal show in the Inside Scoop podcast where I, (Neil Crawford, founder of defined the “Parent-Trainer” and what role the parent-trainer can play in supporting their child in youth soccer.


While parent-trainers may differ, most of them share the following in common:


  • Parent-trainers believe in the positive power of deliberate practice.  They have witnessed deliberate practice work well in their life and have seen deliberate practice benefit the lives of other people.
  • Parent-trainers are unwilling to outsource 100% of their child’s development (in soccer or anything else) to someone else
  • Parent-trainers are introspective – recognizing the need to strike the right balance needed to support their child in a positive way


The majority of soccer parent education does not consider parent-trainers.  This is reasonable, considering how few parent-trainers there are.  However, the Inside Scoop is dedicated to helping parent-trainers navigate the wild world of youth soccer.


Are you a parent-trainer? If so, this podcast is for you. Listen till the end and learn the first secret of ball mastery!