Ball Mastery Practice: Not Just for Young Players

There’s a widespread belief that unopposed individual ball mastery sessions are only beneficial for younger players.


While starting early is advantageous, we’ve seen that ball mastery practice can significantly improve the performance of players of all ages and skill levels, including college athletes and even professionals.



Coaches of older players often overestimate their players’ technical abilities, underestimating the positive impact that individual ball mastery training can have on performance.


Ball mastery training enhances ball control, boosts confidence, and improves the ability to play faster—skills that directly translate to better performance during games and training.


In addition to the soccer-specific benefits, younger players gain even more advantages that are often overlooked. In this article, we’ll share the top five reasons why practicing ball mastery is crucial, no matter your age or current ability.


#1: Players Get Much More Touches

Ball mastery practice allows players to get thousands of touches in a relatively short time. During a typical game, each player may touch the ball 30 to 50 times.


In contrast, players can accumulate over 1,000 touches during a 10-minute Anytime Soccer Training session. The extra touches help improve ball control, balance, skill, and the ability to use both feet effectively.


Why Anytime Soccer Training?

Anytime Soccer Training offers the most comprehensive ball mastery program in the world, with over 500 follow-along sessions that cover all aspects of ball mastery.



#2: Technical Players Lose the Ball Less

The primary reason youth soccer players lose possession is a lack of skill, not speed, conditioning, strength, athleticism, or soccer IQ. Ironically, investing time in becoming more skillful, especially at younger ages, improves all these areas.


Skillful players are more relaxed on the ball, move faster, and make quicker decisions. Defenders must give technical players more space, knowing they can easily outmaneuver them.


Parent Tip: Consistency is key when practicing ball mastery at home. Set a routine and commit to at least 10 minutes per day, two days per week. In a few months, you will see a significant improvement in your player’s game.



#3: Technical Players Receive the Ball More

In team sports, the most skillful players often become the focal point of the offense. In soccer, coaches tend to position these players in central and attacking roles.


Teammates trust players who maintain possession, and coaches encourage skillful players to take greater risks and show more creativity. This increased involvement further enhances their skills and confidence.


Parent Tip: Consider keeping your child in recreational soccer until they develop enough skill and confidence for competitive play. In recreational leagues, they will have more time on the ball and likely enjoy the game more.


#4: Technical Players Usually Enjoy Soccer More

Every child wants to handle the ball and score during games and practice. Generally, the most skilled players have more opportunities to do so, leading to more success on the field. Early successes and positive feedback from coaches and parents fuel their passion for the sport and motivate them to continue playing.



Parent Tip: If your child gets pushed off the ball easily, the solution is likely more practice in shielding, not strength training. Try creating a 10×10 box and have your child practice keeping the ball away from you. Progress to 1v1 games to reinforce these skills. Anytime Soccer Training offers hundreds of 1v1 and soccer games that make practice fun and effective.


#5: Easy to Practice with Huge Benefits

The average Anytime Soccer Training ball mastery session lasts less than five minutes and requires no equipment. Players can get thousands of touches during that time with just a ball and any surface. These sessions can be done individually, without needing a teammate or trainer.



With Anytime Soccer Training, all you need is the desire and any device. Try a free ball mastery session today and stop wasting time searching the internet for soccer drills. Join Anytime Soccer Training for free and see the difference.