In today’s post, I am going to show you how I use the Anytime Soccer Training app to structure a typical individual training session with my son.


My goal with these sessions is to:


  • Introduce a variety of skill components

  • Get maximum touches in the shortest period of time

  • Incorporate game-like movements

  • Not overwhelm or frustrate my son

  • Have fun!


The below clips are actual raw footage [sorry about the wind]. I included the raw footage (instead of fancy marketing videos) because I want to show other parents that we can help our children get better even if we didn’t play soccer ourselves.


Individual sessions like these will help your child increase skill, ball control, and confidence.


Video #1 – Ball Mastery

I start each session with either a dynamic warm-up, fun game, or ball mastery.  All of these series are in the Anytime Soccer Training program.  For this session, we started with ball mastery which is part of the 1,000 Touch Ball Mastery series.


One Move Per Video

Each move in the Anytime Soccer Training program has a dedicated video. The videos are relatively short, ranging from five to 10 minutes.  Once the player becomes proficient, they move to a future session that combines various moves.


Additionally, the program follows a progression.  The progression introduces components of the move and incorporates elements of the move across the spectrum of training sessions.


For example, the L-behind performed in this video will also be used in the Dribble Master session.




Video #2 – Juggling & Aerial Control

Next, we move on to juggling and aerial control.  One of the biggest misconceptions about juggling is that


Players needs to spend a lot of time during a session juggling in order to improve.

With the Anytime Soccer Training Two-Footed Juggle Master series, your player can get hundreds of touches in less than five minutes.


Equally important, the videos force the player to use both feet and all parts of the body as part of a gradual progression.




Video #3 – One Cone Ball Mastery

The ball mastery program has several components including


  • 1,000 Touch Ball Mastery

  • One Cone Ball Mastery

  • Two Cone Ball Mastery

  • Essential Ball Mastery

  • Dynamic Ball Mastery


Each series challenges the player in different ways.  The below video is one of the earliest sessions in the One Cone Ball Mastery series.


In this session, my son is working on improving his balance and coordination using both feet to manipulate the ball.




Quick Tip – Use Both Feet

Anytime Soccer Training has a dedicated video for each foot.  Not only is there a dedicated video for each foot; the program includes separate 30-day programs for each foot.


After completing the 30-day program the player’s non-dominant foot will improve drastically.



Video #4 – Two Cone Ball Mastery

The program includes hundreds of two cone ball mastery drills that improve first touch, quick feet, and lateral movement.


Remember, every video in the program is 100% follow-along.





Video #5 – Figure 8 Challenge

Challenges are the best way to motivate a player to try harder during an individual session.


This video is one of the hundreds of skill challenges offered in the program. The player does two practice rounds and two skills challenges to see how high they can score.




Video #6 – Feints & Dribble

This drill incorporates body feints, ball mastery, and dribbling into one simple session.


Unfortunately, the video cut off before he started. This particular session required that he do a double body feint before dribbling in a figure 8 pattern.




Video #7 – One & Two Touch Line Cone Weave

The program has hundreds of line cone weave drills.  Remember, there is a dedicated video for each move and there is a dedicated video for each foot.


The music, timer, and cadence within the video help the player move faster and stay motivated.


Often I will change the cone pattern to add my own variation.




Video #8 – L-Behind & Dribbling

Now we are entering into the dribble master session.  The below drill ask the player to dribble at angles while changing direction using an L-behind.


Again, my son practiced this single move for five minutes.  Often I add opposition and give other coaching points.


It’s great to be able to offer coaching points instead of spending so much time trying to figure out what to do next.




Quick Tip – Building Progression

Notice, we used the L-behind during the ball mastery and dribbling sessions.


We incorporate every move in the series across the spectrum of thousands of videos.  For example, with Anytime Soccer Training, the player will practice the L-behind within


  • Ball mastery

  • Essential Turns

  • 1v1 Moves & Games

  • Dribble Master

  • Rebounder and more…




Video #9 – Dribbling & Sole Roll

Box dribbling is one of the most effective dribbling drills a player can do.  In the below drill, my son is working on speed dribbling and continuous sole roles.


Using the sole of the feet is an absolutely essential skill in soccer.




Video #10 – Cone Slalom Dribbling

There are literally hundreds of dribbling drills.  The below cone slalom dribbling drill incorporates a lot of turns, acceleration, and deceleration.


Feel free to change the distances and cone pattern.  Oftentimes, I use mixed patterns to work more on acceleration and deceleration.




Quick Tip – Frequent Rest Breaks

While the program challenges the player to build stamina, it doesn’t make them so tired that they lose concentration and technique.


The videos incorporate several rest breaks throughout the session.  In addition to rest, this gives the parent and/or coach time to offer coaching points.




I hope you enjoyed this demo.  There are thousands of videos in the program.  This post highlighted a view.  Join Anytime Soccer Training today to gain access to the entire program.  Joining is free.