What is Ball Mastery?

Antigonish Celtics Soccer Club sums it up best. Ball mastery is the demonstrated ability to manipulate the ball comfortably using the following contact surfaces of both feet:


  • Sole of the foot
  • Inside of the foot
  • Outside of the foot
  • The instep of the foot
  • The heel of the foot
  • Toe of the foot


Why is Ball Mastery Important?

Soccer is a skill-based sport that uses the feet in a way that is not natural.  Therefore, players much practice a lot to achieve a high degree of ball mastery.


Players who are comfortable, confident, and creative with the ball are the players who possess the ball more and improve as a result. Anytime Soccer Training’s 1,000 Touch Ball Mastery Series includes over 500 training sessions that take players from absolute beginner to advance.


What Do I Need to Practice?

The great thing about the program is that it enables players to practice at home on their own.  All the exercises require little space.  Doing the above session is a great way to improve your skills between team practice.