You’ve probably seen great soccer players like Zinedine Zidane, Lionel Messi, or Ronaldinho slash defenders with great dribbling skill, speed, and confidence.  I bet you also noticed that they use both feet and control the ball with all parts of their feet.


Dribbling in soccer is by far one of (if not the) most important skill in soccer.


The modern game has evolved and now requires that every player (even the keeper) become excellent on the ball.  The reason good dribbling is emphasized so much during the early foundation phase (U7 to U13) is that it actually boosts the player’s ability to develop in almost all the other areas of soccer.


Conversely, players who are not confident with the ball will often lag behind their peer group.

Learn These 4 Sole Roll Dribbling Drills


Anytime Soccer Training includes thousands of dribbling drills that challenge all aspects of a player’s game.  Below are just a few of the dribbling drill categories:


  • Figure 8 Dribbling
  • Body Feints & Dribbling
  • Line Cone Dribbling
  • Freestyle Dribbling
  • Dribbling & Change Direction
  • Tight Control Dribbling
  • Long-Distance Speed Dribbling
  • 1v1 and more


Each of these modules is designed to challenge players in different ways. As such, they all provide some unique benefits.


Working through the entire dribbling program will definitely help you become a playmaker.  However, today I will show you one drill that combines almost all of the key elements of any individual dribbling drill.


Five Star Cross Pattern Dribbling Drill



Equipment Needed

  • Five cones (or any objects)
  • Soccer ball and
  • Small space



Set the five cones in a cross pattern.  Start at one cone and dribble weave through each cone.  Dribble for 30 seconds for each interval.


Below are a few example variations that you can try. Remember every variation listed below and more are included in the Anytime Soccer Training program and are 100% follow-along.


Dribbling Variations

  • Right foot only dribble weave
  • Left foot only dribble weave
  • Both feet dribbling with inside foot turn
  • Both feet dribbling with outside foot turn
  • Sole Roll dribbling


Once you learn the pattern, you should focus on moving quickly while not allowing the ball to touch any cones.


Pro tip: Change the distances between the cones to add variety. Make the distances longer to increase speed and endurance. Make the distances closer to work on close control dribbling and soft touches.


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