You have seen it a million times.  A youth soccer player misses a golden scoring opportunity simply because they don’t have the confidence to use their non-dominant foot.


Additionally, one-footed players lose the ball more and create fewer chances in the first place.  Once defenders learn that a player is one-footed, they position themselves to force that player onto their weak foot – causing those players to lose the ball or become ineffective.


A complete soccer player must be able to dribble, pass, shoot and control the ball almost equally with both feet. The good news is that you can drastically improve your weak foot starting today by practicing the below drills at least three times per week.


Improving your week foot simply boils down to repetition and consistency.


While you don’t have to spend hours and hours practicing on any particular day – you do need an effective process and pig-headed discipline to get better.


With 1,000 training videos focused on utilizing both feet, Anytime Soccer Training provides the effective process – the only question that remains is,


Do you have the pig-headed discipline?


Below is a selection of drills taken from the curriculum of over 1,000 Anytime Soccer Training videos.  If this is all you did for the next two weeks, your weak foot would improve drastically.


1v1 Battles Series

The best way to get your child practicing with their weak foot is to play 1v1 against them.  However, as a parent, you shouldn’t ruin the fun by constantly telling the child to use their weak foot.  The Anytime Soccer Training 1v1 Battles Series does it all for you.


Each set asks the child to exclusively use one foot.  Then it concludes with having the players use either foot.


Try this at home. Have your child listen to the instructions and watch them try to beat you using their weak foot only!



Soccer Chasing Fun & Games Series

The best way to motivate your child to get better is by playing with them.  That’s why Anytime Soccer Training has over 101 fun soccer games that improve skill in a fun way.


The below game encourages your child to dribble quickly and change direction while using both feet. Try it today and watch your child have fun and get better like never before.




First Touch Rebounder Passing & Receiving Series

Each move in the First Touch Rebounder series has a separate video for each foot.  As a parent, no longer do you have to beg your child to practice with their week foot, just press play and let the process do the talking for you.


Single Move – Isolated Right Foot Only


Single Move – Isolated Left Foot Only


Quick Session – Using Both Feet



Elite Passing & Receiving Series

Passing and receiving with either foot doesn’t get practiced enough in team training.  The Elite Passing & Receiving Series walks you through a progression of nearly 200 passing drills working on each foot.


Single Move – Isolated Right Foot Only


Single Move – Isolated Left Foot Only


Quick Session – Using Both Feet



Line Cone Dribble Master Series

It’s crucial to be able to dribble and move the ball with either foot.  All of the Anytime Soccer Training line cone drills isolate and then combine both feet.


Single Move – Isolated Right Foot Only


Single Move – Isolated Left Foot Only


Quick Session – Using Both Feet


Juggling & Aerial Control Series

Nothing is worst than seeing a child religiously practice juggling with a single foot.  Instead of nagging them about it, parents should have them follow our program of over 200 juggling videos.  Each video has sections that isolate each foot.


Try this session today.



If you commit to these drills and games for two weeks you will see a dramatic improvement with your weaker foot.  Practice, repetition, and a lot of patience should pay off if you’re determined to become a two-footed player