In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day, it is important to reflect on the qualities that make a great leader and role model. As a soccer coach and dad, I believe that the values of teamwork, perseverance and determination are essential to success on and off the field.



These qualities are also important for young people to learn in order to overcome societal problems and achieve their goals.


Here are 7 leadership traits that soccer coaches can learn from MLK:



MLK had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve, and he communicated it effectively to others. As a coach, you should also have a clear vision for your team and be able to communicate it to your players.




MLK was passionate about his cause and this passion was contagious. As a coach, your passion for the game should be evident to your players, and it will inspire them to be passionate as well.




MLK persevered through many obstacles in his quest for civil rights. As a coach, it’s important to teach your players that success is not always easy and that they must be persistent in their efforts to achieve it.




MLK understood the struggles of others and was able to connect with them. As a coach, it’s important to understand and empathize with your players and to be able to connect with them on a personal level.




MLK was a man of great integrity, and he always stood by his beliefs. As a coach, it’s important to be a person of integrity and to lead by example.




MLK was an inspiration to many, and he motivated them to take action. As a coach, you should also be able to inspire and motivate your players to be their best.




MLK understood that teamwork was essential to achieving his goals. As a coach, it’s important to teach your players that teamwork is essential to their success on the field.



By learning from MLK’s example, coaches can develop their own leadership skills and help their players develop into great leaders as well.


As coaches, parents, and community leaders, it is our responsibility to provide inspiring instruction and set an example for our young people to follow. Let us remember MLK Jr.’s words,


“I’d like somebody to mention that day that Martin Luther King, Jr., tried to give his life serving others.”


And let us take inspiration from his example to serve and lead our youth in a positive direction.


Remember that being a coach is not only about teaching the game, but also developing leadership skills, teamwork, and character.