As a fellow soccer parent, I know the cost of travel soccer.  That’s why I was happy to make a personal donation of $75.


Last year, I founded Anytime Soccer Training. Inspired by my own sons (Adam & Matthew), the platform has thousands of training videos, fun games, and skills challenges – all 100% follow-along.


To help each other, I would like to offer your team two ways to earn additional money:


#1 Share a 30-second skills challenge clip

I will make a $10 donation per player to the first 15 players who post a video of themselves taking a skills challenge.


  • Post the clip to the Anytime Soccer Training Facebook Group or anywhere on social media.
  • Use the hashtag #anytimesoccertraining
  • You must record with a separate device so that the audio of the app can be heard.


Click here to join. It’s totally free. Watch this demo on finding the challenge videos.


#2 Attend one of the SportHQ Free Play Fridays

#2 Attend one of the SportHQ Free Play Fridays

SportHQ host a Free Play Fridays Futsal event every Friday. It’s totally free and loads of fun.


We will make a $10 donation to the first 10 players who attend any Friday Free Play Futsal date.


  • When you arrive, give the team name and we will add it to the donation!


Click here to learn more about Free Play Fridays at SportHQ.