As a parent, helping your child get better at soccer can sometimes feel like trying to solve a tricky puzzle. I’ve been in your shoes, with two sons playing competitive soccer. I know the struggles all too well.


But here’s the cool part – now, thanks to technology, we can provide high-quality training that can even outshine what private trainers offer at times.


In my upcoming blog post, I’ll share some of the ways technology, especially with platforms like Anytime Soccer Training, has totally changed the game. Let’s jump in.

**The Benefits of Technology in Youth Soccer Training**

When it comes to incorporating technology in youth soccer training, the advantages are hard to overlook. Here’s a list of benefits that highlight how technology, such as Anytime Soccer Training, can enhance the training experience:

**1. Reduced Arguments and Friction:** One of the most significant advantages of using technology is the minimization of conflicts between parents and children during training sessions. Technology provides clear standards, reducing misunderstandings.

**2. Expert Guidance:** Technology offers expert guidance without the high costs associated with hiring professional trainers. It’s like having a trainer in your pocket, always available to help.

**3. Systematic Skill Development:** Technology-driven programs, like Anytime Soccer Training, provide a structured approach to skill acquisition. It’s not just about random touches; it’s a systematic journey to mastery.

**4. Objective Evaluation:** Technology eliminates human bias. It objectively assesses whether a skill has been mastered or not, removing subjectivity from the process.

**5. Slow and Steady Progression:** Parents and coaches often rush the development process. Technology encourages a slow, consistent approach that reaps maximum benefits over time.

**6. Breaking Familiarity Bias:** Players tend to stick to what’s familiar, such as their strong foot. Technology can help break this bias by providing targeted training for specific weaknesses.

**7. Knowledge Transfer:** Technology enables the sharing of valuable knowledge and feedback. Coaches, parents, and users can contribute to the improvement of training programs.

**8. Customization:** Technology offers a vast library of training content, and users can customize the training to suit their specific needs and preferences.

**9. Consistency and Patience:** Success in youth soccer training requires consistency, patience, and a systematic approach. Technology complements these qualities for long-term growth.

**10. Comprehensive Foundation:** Using technology in soccer training helps build a rock-solid technical foundation that can withstand any challenges on the field.

These benefits demonstrate how technology can elevate your child’s soccer training experience. Whether you’re a parent looking to provide the best training for your child or a coach seeking to enhance your players’ skills, technology has the answers.

**The Right Perspective on Youth Soccer Training**

Incorporating technology in youth soccer training is not just about adding some extra touches at home. It’s about a paradigm shift in how we approach the development of young soccer players. Unlike many existing in-home training programs that focus on casual extra touches, this approach aims to address a problem – helping children acquire skills without overwhelming them.

The focus is on creating a robust technical foundation, much like building a sturdy home. Many programs in the market today tend to be driven by content marketers who promote “Top 10” videos or specific moves. However, the real question is how to systematically build a 12-year program that takes a six-year-old to a professional-level technical ability by the age of 13 and continues to refine their skills in the following years.

Technology enables this structured approach and ensures that young players aren’t overwhelmed with information. Instead, it guides them through a methodical learning process.

**Conclusion: A Path to Success**

When it comes to training sessions with young soccer players, adopting a routine-driven approach can make all the difference. It’s about consistency, not pushing too hard, and playing the long game. Instead of taking on the role of a boot camp instructor, think of yourself as a facilitator, much like a yoga instructor. In the end, it’s about getting the best out of your child without overwhelming them.

In conclusion, while some may argue for simplicity, my passion is to help parents and children navigate the training journey without causing frustration. Anytime Soccer Training is the tool I believe in to facilitate this process. So take a deep breath, trust the process, and tweak it to fit your specific needs.

Remember that the peculiar things you observe in your child’s game, those “weird” quirks, many of them tend to resolve naturally as they grow. Utilize Anytime Soccer Training as a complementary tool to build a strong foundation alongside your other training activities.

In the end, the goal is simple: let’s get better together.

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While at times inspirational – it’s only successful if the process actually works and the players stick with it. 


Many players, coaches, and parents have joined Anytime Soccer Training. Therefore, I thought it appropriate to share part of our process and why it’s so successful.


By way of introduction, I am Neil Crawford the founder of Anytime Soccer Training and also a crazy soccer dad.


You can find my rants and insightful interviews via our podcast, The Inside Scoop, and the Anytime Soccer Training  Facebook group.


Our process is based on the belief that,


Technical players are more confident, have a greater impact on games, and enjoy soccer more.

That’s why it’s so important that youth players become technically superior as soon as possible.


To become technically superior, we believe that the player must get extra touches at home in addition to team training. However, deliberate practice can be difficult for youth players to stick with long-term.


Also, parents may lack the knowledge or temperament to supplement their child’s training.  Some families may have the budget for a private trainer, but private training is prohibitively expensive for most.


And even the most dedicated trainer just can’t come to your home for a daily 10-minute training session.

That is why we created Anytime Soccer Training.


The Process

Below is a description of why our process is successful and how it removes some of the common barriers to becoming a technical player who truly enjoys the game.


#1 Youth soccer players don’t get enough practice at home

Anytime Soccer Training has over 1,000 easy-to-follow training videos that cover all the major soccer areas.  Players have 24/7 access to the training content on their phones, PCs, and all other devices.  Also, much of the training content requires no equipment and very little space.


Try this selection from the easy-to-follow series First Touch Rebounder to get 500 touches in four minutes.



#2 And when they do, it’s not effective, fun, or engaging

In addition to over 1,000 training sessions, Anytime Soccer Training includes over 101 fun soccer games, skills contests, and a reward system.


Watch this video and try it with your children. I guarantee they will run faster and dribble more while having fun doing it!




#3 Parents want to help, but don’t know where to start…

Anytime Soccer Training removes the guesswork. Each series starts with the basics and slowly becomes more advance. Parents just have to hit play.


Check out the first video in the 1,000 Touch Ball Mastery series. All parents can help their children do this, regardless of their knowledge of the game.



#4 And when they try, it often frustrates the relationship

The Anytime Soccer Training follow-along format allows children to train independently. This removes the bulk of the responsibility from the parent.  Parents just have to hit play.


#5 Coaches want to assign practice homework, give rewards for hard work and better engage families…

Coaches will be able to assign videos and various challenges to their teams.

The mere fact that you made it this far means that you likely share the same belief.


Our goal is to make the process easier for you.


However, we need a commitment from you and your player.


Try this ball mastery video from our selection of essential ball mastery training videos.  Please share any feedback so that we can get better together.



The Results

As a soccer dad, I know first-hand that the Anytime Soccer Training program works.  It works because my two sons (born 2010 and 2013) are able to get thousands of extra touches at home without dad driving them crazy.


The result is confident and skillful young boys who love the game.


I love watching them play!