In this episode, I sat down with a fellow soccer dad, Michael Byers to discuss the first steps in training your own child.


His goal is to find a step-by-step program that his son can follow to improve individual skills and confidence.


Special authors note: Later this year, I will do a show where we discuss tips on working with children below the age of six.


Key Insights

  • We use soccer as a metaphor to teach other important life lessons.
  • Giving your child a head start in soccer will help them enjoy the game more.
  • Parents must create a system that helps the child get those essential touches without frustrating the child.


Big Mistakes Many Parents Make

  • Parents try to move to advance skills before establishing a solid foundation.
  • Parents try to “do too much”. I recommend leaving the bulk of the work to the coaches and trainers.


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Five Areas that the Parent-Trainer Should Focus On

  • Repetition, Repetition, and Mo’ Repetition – help your child establish consistent routines.
  • Relentless Focus on Becoming Two-footed – No one else will do this other than you.
  • Perfect Aerial Control – Juggling and aerial control are important skills that must be practiced outside of team training.
  • Find the Right Club & Trainers – You want a club and trainers that teach, inspire, and mold your child to become a better person.
  • Love and Support Your Child Unconditionally – Be the supportive parent that cheers them on and encourages them through thick and thin.
  • (Bonus) Notice the Areas not Mentioned – (99.999% of the youth soccer drama that we read or hear about)


Never coaching from the sidelines.


Here is a link to the Interval Timer app mentioned during the show.   Listen to the show and let us know your thoughts.