I feel your pain

Do you spend hours searching the internet looking for ways to help your child become a better soccer player?


Are training sessions with your child, ineffective, frustrating, and filled with many stops and starts?




My name is Neil Crawford, the founder of Anytime Soccer Training. I feel your pain because I have been training my two sons for over five years.


What if I told you that you can help your child get extra touches in a way that is not only effective but with little to no hassle?


It’s all about having the right plan and the right tool.  In this post, I will help you get started with a plan to improve your child’s development and enjoyment of the game long-term.



1. Start with Ball Mastery

Ball mastery drills give you the most bang for your time and when done consistently; improve ball control, dribbling, and much more.


The biggest advantage of ball mastery is that you can literally get thousands of extra touches and require little space and no equipment.


Anytime Soccer Training makes ball mastery practice super easy for parents and players because every video is 100% follow-along and the program introduces one move at a time.



Start with the 1,000 Touch Ball Mastery Series.  It literally goes from beginner to advanced and covers everything.



2. Keep it Short

You can get a LOT done in less than five minutes.  It’s important to keep in-home extra training short and to the point.


Keeping things short, will motivate your child to continue long-term.


That’s why the average Anytime Soccer Training video is less than five minutes long.




3. Follow a Plan

Would you go to the gym and do random exercises? Of course not. The same is true with soccer training.


As a soccer dad and recreational coach, I created Anytime Soccer Training to remove the guesswork from in-home soccer training.


The program is fun, effective, and easy to use.   Every video is 100% follow-along and goes step by step.   Parents just need to hit play.



Join for free and get started today!