When my son joined a competitive soccer team, the coaches emphasized the importance of improving technical ability during the early foundation phase of a player’s life.


To help my son improve, I wanted to provide him with extra practice at home.


However, I had no experience playing soccer and private trainers were expensive and difficult to schedule consistently.



As a parent, I was determined to support my son in his soccer journey. However, as someone who had never played soccer before, I found it challenging to provide him with the extra practice he needed.


I attempted to hire private trainers, but the cost and scheduling conflicts made it difficult to find consistent training.


Stop Wasting Time Searching for Drills


In order to support my son’s development, I decided to create opportunities for him to practice at home.


My initial goal was to have him spend an additional ten to fifteen minutes each day working on the key skill areas. However, I quickly realized that finding appropriate resources and drills was not as simple as I had anticipated.


I invested a significant amount of time and resources, including several DVDs and training books, in searching for effective soccer drills on the internet.



Despite my extensive search for soccer drills, I was unable to find a suitable solution.


My son and I needed a program that was easy to use, video-led and provided step-by-step instructions that we could easily follow along with.


I had previously used similar programs such as Kahn Academy and Zearn in my education, but there was nothing available for soccer training that met these criteria.


This was the motivation behind the creation of Anytime Soccer Training.


Comparison: Anytime Soccer Training vs YouTube


When it comes to soccer training, there is a clear difference between using a structured learning system like Anytime Soccer Training versus relying on random posts by social media influencers.



Before Anytime Soccer Training, parents and coaches often had to rely on YouTube videos, writing down each move and showing short clips to their players, leading to a lot of starting and stopping.


In contrast, Anytime Soccer Training follows a step-by-step progression, leading up to each move, providing a clear learning path.


Additionally, YouTube videos rarely provide a follow-along experience and never include a full progression, making it difficult for players to learn and improve.


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