I have had the pleasure of discussing Anytime Soccer Training with hundreds of soccer parents across the country.


The feedback has been positive and helpful.  As a matter of fact, some of the feedback led to improvements such as dedicated videos for each move and five minute videos to help children with short attention spans.


Check out this article Short Attention Span? Learn 5 Ways We Keep Children Motivated  to learn more.


However, there is one common response I hear and want to address;


I can’t get my child to do the videos.

In my podcast series, The Crazy Parent-Trainer, I try to explain that Anytime Soccer Training is not about videos. Ironically, it’s not even specifically about getting better at soccer.


Anytime Soccer Training is a tool that helps your child follow a process to improve skill and gain confidence on their own.


Developing self-determination and grit are valuable lessons that can be transferred to anything they choose to do.  Check out the article Trust the Process – and the Solution to learn why our method works.




Anytime Soccer Training was designed to empower parents who never played soccer to help their children improve.


So when I hear parents say, I can’t get my child to do the videos, I worry that they may be missing the entire reason we built Anytime Soccer Training.


So let’s be clear,


Regularly spending five to 10 minutes with your child on soccer will help them improve and create lasting memories.


While the full program will drastically improve their skills – not all kids are ready for that; and that’s totally ok.


I do however believe that if a child is willing to attend team training multiple days a week, they can commit to doing a five minute video with the right level of support from the parent.


Give this Three Minute Video a Try


Moreover, I have never met a kid that doesn’t want to pass the ball or play 1v1 with their parents.


So let’s make this promise together.


Let’s promise that this week we will play pass and 1v1 with our children.


The below videos are super easy to follow and super fun.  You can play it from any device.


I recommend grabbing a Bluetooth speaker. With a speaker, it’s sort of like having your favorite soccer trainer by your side.


Do you need videos to pass and play 1v1? Of course not – the program however, includes hundreds of variations that add variety and fun.


Team training doesn’t provide enough time to practice these skills – and doing it without a plan requires that you spend hours conducting random internet searches instead of playing with your child.


One Touch Passing


Play 1v1 Against Parents & Friends