I love playing 1v1 with my sons and they love beating dad.  However, most kids just don’t play 1v1 enough.  Playing 1v1 with friends and family produces so many benefits beyond the soccer field.


That’s why Anytime Soccer Training has the most comprehensive library of 1v1 games and drills in the world.


At first, it may seem odd to use a video to play 1v1. It’s best to think of the video as your favorite coach and PE teacher all in one.


While the videos are 100% follow-along, we do recommend that you preview the video before hitting the field.  Below are just a few benefits of the 1v1 series.


#1 It’s Fun!

Your child will love playing 1v1 against you and the experience will create wonderful life-long memories.



#2 It Includes Multiple Ways to Score

The videos are designed to challenge players to score in a variety of ways.  This encourages creativity, problem-solving, and the use of advanced skills.


For example, scoring by dribbling around various cones emphasizes better ball control and change of direction.



#3 The Program Increases fitness and stamina

The interval-based timer encourages the players to keep moving despite being tired. The videos also incorporate planned rest periods.



#4 Perfect for Two Players or More

Online videos provide good inspiration but are often designed for teams.  While you can add multiple players; all the 1v1 games can be played against a single friend, teammate, or parent.



#5 Every Game is 100% Follow-along

Once you watch the instructions, you never have to touch the phone during the entire session.  We recommend you get a Bluetooth speaker.


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