Dribbling is by far one of the most important skills in soccer.  However, many youth soccer players don’t spend enough time practicing what we call “The 7 C’s of Dribbling”.


Practicing the 7 C’s of dribbling enables the player to better handle any situation.  If you are not familiar with the 7 C’s of dribbling, this post is for you.


C #1 Close Control

Keeping the ball close to the feet during dribbling is essential in order to keep possession. The inability to do this is one of the number one reasons I see youth soccer players lose the ball.


Check out the E-book The Most Important Skill in Youth Soccer to learn how to drastically improve your close control dribbling.


Challenge yourself with this ball mastery video to improve your close control dribbling. This is one of the hundreds of ball mastery drills in the Anytime Soccer Training program.



C #2 Change of Direction

Great players and exceptional dribblers like Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Neymar, and Eden Hazard have the ability to change direction with the ball and make decisions in a matter of seconds. One of the best ways to practice changing direction is freestyle dribbling.


The Anytime Soccer Training program has dozens of freestyle dribbling drills that are fun and challenging.



C #3 Changing Feet

Modern soccer players MUST be strong using either foot.  That’s why every series in the Anytime Soccer Training program has dedicated videos for each foot.


Try this session today. This one move encourages change of direction, tight control, and the use of both feet.



C #4 Changing Speed

Explosive changes in speed, from slow, to fast, allow offensive players to keep defenders off balance.  Dribbling obstacles are one of the best ways to challenge players to accelerate and decelerate often in a game-like manner.


Try this dribbling obstacle drill at home with your players. It’s one of over 500 dribbling drills in the program.


C #5 Changing Distances

Players should incorporate different distances in almost every dribbling drill.  The below mix distance line cone weave drill uses a stacking pattern to encourage players to use different distances, speeds, and feet.




C #6 Creativity

There is definitely more art than science to the ability to dribble with confidence and flair.  However, oftentimes, what appears to be a player’s random creativity is the result of hours practicing those moves in the backyard.


Every week, I have my players and sons use the Anytime Soccer Training program to do a different freestyle dribbling drill that promotes freedom and creativity.


You can’t go wrong with freestyle drills.  My sons love these and enjoy seeing which one can pass the most cones.



C #7 Changing Circumstances

Playing 1v1 is by far the best way to dribble under different circumstances.  That’s why the Anytime Soccer Training program has hundreds of 1v1 games.


The different rules and ways of scoring inherently change the situation and problems that the players must solve.


Try this game today!