Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes

Anytime Soccer Training was created by a parent and coach, specifically for other parents and coaches.  Below are a few common mistakes that many make along the way that we hope you will avoid.


1. There is No Magic Product

Yes, Anytime Soccer Training includes over 101 fun soccer games that you can play with your child. Yes, the videos are relatively short – ranging from five to 10 minutes.  Sure, they go step-by-step and are 100% follow-along.


Ultimately, however, your development requires a commitment from you along with a proven process.  We have the process of success that includes fun soccer games, extra repetitions, and rewards.  We have seen this process work extremely well for thousands of kids.


To achieve the same success and benefit from the program, you must commit at least 15 minutes a day three days per week.


2. Going Too Fast

We have all been there. Tryouts are coming soon.  You feel like your child is falling behind.  They are extremely ambitious. So you use the Anytime Soccer Training Workout Tracker to create a plan of 2 hours per day! Your child stops after 2 weeks.


It’s a marathon, not a sprint. We designed the program to challenge your child, but also not discourage them from continuing long-term. That is why the average length of the videos is only 10 minutes.  Also, we use an interval-based format that gives a quick break between each exercise.  They will get better if they stick with it.  Long-term development requires a long-term commitment.


Be patient, if you spend at least 15 minutes a day getting those extra reps – your child will see significant improvement over time.


3. Don’t Micro-Manage

According to research summarized in our blog, when children are autonomous, they are more likely to feel capable of making their own healthy choices. You don’t need research to know that no one likes being micro-managed.


One of the reasons we started Anytime Soccer Training was to promote self-discipline, self-determination, and a sense of fulfillment among children.


Your children will only experience these emotions, if you let them fail.


As a parent and coach – focus on the process. Definitely provide some instruction, but give them the space to own their own training.  You will see that they will get better and they will actually start practicing the skills on their own.


4. Forget the Fun

Eager to see improvement, many parents and coaches forget the fun.  Ironically, people who have fun develop better and are more creative.  Check out our article entitled The Importance of Free Play.


Anytime Soccer Training has over 101 fun games that you can play with your child.  Additionally, we have a 1v1 Battles series focused exclusively on playing 1v1 against each other and teammates. Kids love them.  No matter what you decide, just remember to always incorporate fun activities within a training session.


5. Underestimating the Importance of the Fundamentals

We see the same fancy soccer Youtube videos that you do. We love the passion and creativity that young people infuse in the sport – but don’t forget it starts with your child possessing mastery over the fundamentals.


Anytime Soccer Training allows your child to develop new skills at their own pace.  That is why we have over 1,000 training videos that go step-by-step.


If your child mastered one move a month, those twelve moves would make them more technical than almost all the kids on the team.


6. Losing Your Cool

It’s an ugly truth that many parents lose their temper when working with their kids.  Some of the items mentioned earlier contribute to this.  As a parent, I understand and have worked hard to avoid this mistake. I do this by mixing fun games with short videos and allowing them to follow along with autonomy.


Good luck and check out our weekly podcast dedicated to helping parents navigate the world of youth soccer.