Hey, there soccer parents!


As parents, we all want our kids to succeed in soccer and reach their full potential. But sometimes, our well-intentioned actions can actually hinder their progress.


So, if you’re gearing up for the soccer season, here are six common mistakes that you should avoid.


Not Getting The Player’s Buy-in

First and foremost, it’s essential to get your child’s buy-in. It’s great to be enthusiastic and supportive, but ultimately, your child’s motivation should come from within.



Take the time to listen to your child, observe their behavior, and work together to set achievable goals and expectations.


As a fellow soccer parent, I’ve found that establishing routines can help hold our kids accountable for the commitments they’ve made. It’s important to make training enjoyable for young children who may not be capable of setting long-term goals or planning.


To get started, try incorporating fun activities into your child’s training regimen. Short 10-minute sessions of ball mastery and dribbling can be a great way to get your child plenty of practice and develop healthy habits.


Moving Too Fast

We have all been there. Tryouts are coming soon.  You feel like your child is falling behind.  They are extremely ambitious. So you create a plan for them to do two hours per day! Your child stops after two weeks.



Progress takes time, and it’s essential to focus on small, consistent steps to help your child improve gradually. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient and avoid putting too much pressure on them or pushing them too hard.

Why Step by Step Training Works



Micromanaging is also a mistake to avoid. While it’s important to offer guidance and positive feedback, giving your child space to make their own decisions and own their soccer experience is crucial.


According to research summarized in our blog, when children are autonomous, they are more likely to feel capable of making their own healthy choices.



One reason we created Anytime Soccer Training was to leverage technology to promote self-discipline, self-determination, and a sense of fulfillment among children. Your children will only experience these emotions if you let them fail.


Forgetting the Fun

Remember, soccer is all about having fun! It’s easy to get caught up in the competition and forget that enjoying the game is the most crucial aspect. Encourage your child to have fun on the field, and they’ll be more confident and develop better skills.



Ironically, the more your child enjoys the game, the greater their confidence and development.

The Forgotten Importance of Freeplay


Ignoring the Fundamentals

Don’t forget the basics! While flashy soccer videos may be tempting, it’s essential to focus on mastering the fundamentals first.



Mastery comes from doing a few things better than everyone else; not a lot of things below average.


With Anytime Soccer Training, your child can learn and develop new soccer skills at their own pace. Our comprehensive program includes over 5,000 training videos that provide step-by-step guidance and are designed to be 100% follow-along.


Losing Your Cool

It’s an ugly truth that many parents lose their temper when watching their kid’s games or helping them practice.   As a parent myself, I understand and have worked hard to avoid this mistake.


Check out our weekly podcast for tips on how to navigate the world of youth soccer and avoid common mistakes.



We hope these tips help you and your child have a fantastic soccer season. Remember to take small, consistent steps, have fun, and enjoy the game!