Your child LOVES soccer and wants to get better.  However, you are a newbie who didn’t play soccer growing up.  You are not alone, this is a challenge I and millions of other parents face every day.


So the choice is yours; pay an expensive trainer to work with your child on the fundamentals or invest some of your own time.


Even if you are lucky enough to afford private training, your child will benefit tremendously if you also help them along the way.


Also, is the trainer able to drive to your home for a five-minute session or play 1v1 against your child after school?


Don’t worry, Anytime Soccer Training puts everything you need in one place.  So whether your child is a beginner or headed to an academy; we definitely have you covered.




Follow these simple steps and use our free or premium resources to get started.



#1 Find the Right Tool

Searching Youtube for random training videos is just not enough.


The problem is that:


  • The videos are random and from different sources
  • This means the formats are inconsistent
  • They are rarely 100% follow-along
  • The skill levels vary
  • They don’t follow a logical progression
  • They are often too long and include too much unnecessary talking
  • There is no way to track your progress


Youtube is GREAT for inspiration and ideas, but your child needs a learning system that is easy to follow and goes step by step.


The Anytime Soccer Training videos are easy to use, 100% follow-along and give you everything you need in one place – and BTW, you can utilize every tip below for free (forever) by clicking here to join.



#2 Start with Ball Mastery

Players who are comfortable, confident, and creative with the ball are the players who possess the ball more and improve as a result. Ball Mastery is a great place to start because the sessions are relatively simple, and require little space and no equipment.

Why Is Ball Mastery Important

The Anytime Soccer Training’s 1,000 Touch Ball Mastery Series includes over 500 training sessions that take players from absolute beginner to advance. All the sessions are 100% follow-along and include verbal instructions and slow-motion demonstrations.



#3 Incorporate Aerial Control

Juggling improves all aspects of a player’s game including their first touch, balance, coordination, and aerial control.  Another often overlooked benefit is that aerial training improves shooting and finishing techniques.


The problem is that team training is not enough and most players don’t practice juggling at home enough.


Learn 13 Juggling Tips

No program works if it’s not something your child can stick with it. Designed with parents and players in mind, Anytime Soccer Training’s Juggle Master videos include the following features:


  • Short in length – ranging from five to 10 minutes
  • 100% follow-along – no guesswork
  • Focus on one move (and even one foot at a time)
  • Incorporate both feet and all surfaces of the feet
  • Incorporates all parts of the body
  • Includes a timer and frequent breaks
  • Includes challenges that motivate players to try their best


Below is an example of one of Anytime Soccer Training’s juggling time challenges.  The program has hundreds of challenges that are fun and encourage your player to keep practicing.




#4 Include a lot of Dribbling Drills

Dribbling is by far one of the most important skills in soccer. However, many youth soccer players don’t spend enough time practicing the key components of dribbling such as; changing speed, changing direction, and keeping close control.

Practice the 7 C's of Dribbling

The Anytime Soccer Training’s Dribble Master series includes over 500 dribbling sessions that take players from absolute beginner to advance. All the sessions are 100% follow-along and include loads of variations.


Not only does the program include a comprehensive follow-along curriculum, but it also includes dozens of freestyle dribbling drills.  Below is just one example of the freestyle dribbling drills included in the program.


All you have to do is set out random cones and hit play. The short video includes clear instructions, a slow-motion demonstration, music, a bright timer, and breaks.  Your player can get better on their own. It’s that simple.



Join for free and take the 7 Day Soccer Skills challenge today!