Looking to improve your soccer skills from the comfort of your own home? Anytime Soccer Training offers over 5,000 training sessions across dozens of skill areas – all 100% follow-along.


However, with so many options, it’s no surprise that players often have questions when starting the program.



In this post, we’re tackling the top six questions about Anytime Soccer Training. From figuring out where to begin to deciding how much time to set aside for each session, we’ve got it all covered.


We’ll also highlight some of the awesome soccer games and other features you’ll find in the program.


Whether you’re just starting or consider yourself a pro on the field, we’ve got your back.


#1 Do I Need to Download Anything?

No! Our online web application is fully accessible from any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, PC, or smart TV.


To enhance your experience, we suggest using a Bluetooth speaker. It boosts the audio quality and keeps the players engaged throughout the training.



Grab a Bluetooth Speaker


#2 Where should I start?

If you’re gearing up to begin, I suggest the following:


For Absolute Beginners:

Start with 1,000 Touch Ball Mastery and/or explore the Beginner’s Kick Start. I’ve included some handy video links below to guide you.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Beginner’s KickStart
  3. 1,000 Touch Ball Mastery


The videos are typically less than five minutes long, offering a fantastic introduction to the program.


Once you’ve gotten the hang of the program, we suggest adding the below programs to your training. Go to All Programs and click the skill area you want to use.


  1. Aerial Control & Juggling
  2. 1,000 Touch Ball Mastery
  3. Figure 8 Dribbling
  4. Wall Passing Drills


Doing these will give you a comprehensive training session in less than 25 Minutes.


Below is an example of a full training session for beginners using Anytime Soccer Training:



#3 How long should I train?

The answer to this question depends on several factors including your goals, age, and commitment level.


However, doing less but staying consistent is MUCH better than doing a lot and being inconsistent or giving up.



In most cases, we recommend starting with a few ball mastery videos per week which amount to less than 10 minutes.  After a few weeks, decide if you want to increase the training and try a different series.


Download our ebook, “The Definitive Guide to In-Home Soccer Training,” for additional tips. Plus, get an inside look at the actual training schedules of two competitive soccer players.


Free Ebook


#4 Where should experienced players start?

We suggest both beginners and seasoned players follow the videos in order.


The stacking progression is structured in a step-by-step manner that addresses all technical aspects of your game and makes it easy to follow the program at home.


Experienced players should also do the 1,000 Touch Ball Mastery, but add additional sessions from the various skill areas to complete full training sessions.


This will introduce even more technical diversity and new challenges.  Watch this to learn more: Watch Video


Below is an example of a full training session using Anytime Soccer Training:



Every move is introduced with a dedicated video and every series goes from foundation to advanced.


#5 Does the program have games?

Yes!  Anytime Soccer Training has hundreds of 1v1 battles, challenges, and fun games that kids love.  We recommend starting with tagging and 1v1 games. But be careful, they are a total workout for both parent and player!

Even the games and 1v1 are 100% follow-along.

This means that players as young as five are getting better using Anytime Soccer Training.



#6 Can Coaches Assign Specific Videos?

As a coach, you may wonder if you can assign specific videos to your players. The answer is both yes and no. You can guide them to particular videos, which they can easily find using the search function within the app.


We’re also working on a playlist feature to simplify this process even further.


Our recommendation? Direct your players to the skill area and let them follow the curriculum in order.



Thanks for reading! We hope this has been helpful. Whether you’re just starting or looking to take your game to the next level, our program has something for everyone.


And with the flexibility of being able to train anytime and anywhere, it’s never been easier to work on your skills and improve as a player.


So why wait? Join Anytime Soccer Training today for free and start becoming a better soccer player!