Introducing Figure 8 Dribbling

Did you know that you can practice dribbling, turning, 1v1, and ball mastery with just two cones and a small amount of space?


The Figure 8 Dribbling Program has hundreds of drills that combine figure 8 dribbling with ball mastery and 1v1.



Benefits of Figure 8 Dribbling

Below are just a few of the key benefits of figure 8 dribbling training.


  1. Improves dribbling and turning
  2. Improves ball manipulation with all parts of the feet
  3. Hundreds of variations
  4. 1v1 included
  5. Greater speed when dribbling


The below video is an example of how Anytime Soccer Training combines Figure 8 dribbling with ball mastery.




More about Figure 8 Dribbling

The Figure 8 Dribbling program is divided into modules that work on different aspects of your game. These include:


  1. Close Control
  2. Essentials
  3. Lateral Drills
  4. 1v1 Moves
  5. Figure 8 & Ball Mastery



The modules introduce technical variation and reinforce existing skills.


Practical Tip

This series complements the Two Cone Ball Mastery series. The Ball Mastery moves in this series are introduced in the Two Cone Ball Mastery Series.
Getting Started with Anytime

Combining the ball mastery and figure 8 dribbling modules improve your ability to dribble quickly and change direction within tight spaces.  Both are extremely important skills for all youth soccer players.


Remember, every video is 100% follow-along and follows a step-by-step progression.


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